Viennese Gueridon ref. 06312 (cherry high gloss)

06311 cherry with cherry central pillar and cherry edges
06312 cherry with black central pillar and black edges
06321 walnut with walnut central pillar and walnut edges
06322 walnut with black central pillar and black edges

Viennese Gueridon in Viennese Biedermeier style, with central pillar, with snake-shaped feet, with star-shaped curved floor plate and turned pillar, profiled plinth, with glue-laminated doubly veneered Frame and glue-laminated snake shaped feet, veneer vertically at all edges. Oval veneered top. Thickness of veneer 2,5 mm! Handmade in Austria.

Available in cherrywood, walnut, and many different types of wood on request.p>

100,5 cm wide * 65 cm deep * 70,5 cm high
39,6 in wide * 25.6 in deep * 27,8 in high

Assembled Woods

cherry light
cherry medium
cherry dark
walnut light
walnut medium
walnut dark
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