Premier Mahjong club armchair ref. 021026 (walnut semi gloss)

021016 cherry with dark silver foot cuff (brushed stainless steel)
021026 walnut with dark silver foot cuff (brushed stainless steel)
Fauteuil (gold dick)
Premier Mahjong club armchair , with silver attachments at the bottom of the feet - done by a silver-smith from black silver (brushed stainless steel). Tapered legs made from solid wood. Hand-carved wooden rosettes, which are silver plated. With glue laminated veneered backrest and armrests, made from 2,5 mm thick veneer. Removable double cushion and high-quality Romboflex padding for the backrest. Double welt made from complimentary fabric, usually from silk (trim).

64 cm wide * 58 cm deep * 82,5 cm high
25,1 in wide * 22,8 in deep * 32,4 in high

Assembled Woods

cherry light
cherry medium
cherry dark
walnut light
walnut medium
walnut dark
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