Palladio-esque buffet ref. 131955 (maple high gloss)

131915 cherry with birds eye maple and gildings
131925 walnut with burled walnut and gildings
131955 maple with birds eye maple and gildings
Sideboard in Biedermeier style. Execution in maple highgloss buffed, with a central drawer unit in bird`s eye maple, with non lockable drawers carried on sliding rails, with double doors incl. one shelf behind, bookmatch veneer from top to bottom from a single trunk (main body), some visible parts in the central drawer unit ebonised, lower floor front-veneered with chamfered solid wood edge veneer, upper floor veneered with chamfered solid wood edge veneer. Cast brass fittings, gilded applications at the bottom of the pillars, gilded and handcarved applications (Romans) at the top of the pillars. Handmade in Austria. Also available in cherry, walnut, and many other types of wood upon request.

350 cm wide * 60 cm deep * 90 cm high
137,8 in wide * 26,6 in deep * 35,4 in high

Assembled Woods

cherry light
cherry medium
cherry dark
walnut light
walnut medium
walnut dark
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