Ludwig Spohr bureau ref. 10212 (cherry high gloss)

10211 cherry with cherry profiled elements (upper part)
10212 cherry with black profiled elements (upper part)
10221 walnut with walnut profiled elements (upper part)
10222 walnut with black profiled elements (upper part)

Ludwig Spohr bureau with leather writing inlay, lower part: 3 drawers the middle of which lockable, hinged panel framed doors, behind these English handles above, below drawers on roller rails for DIN A4 ring binders (transverse), top part: 10 dovetailed drawers mirrored veneer from a single trunk, pillars and hand-carved gilded capitals, topmost niche is a book compartment, inner niche with intermediate floor as shelf, all fittings of brass, nailed ornamental brass fittings in the gables. Handmade in Austria.

148 cm wide * 82 cm deep * 170 cm high
58,3 in wide * 32,3 in deep * 66,9 in high

Assembled Woods

cherry light
cherry medium
cherry dark
walnut light
walnut medium
walnut dark
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