Square back fauteuil ref. 011021 (german walnut semi gloss)

011011 cherry with cherry ring at front legs
011012 cherry with black ring at front legs
011013 cherry with white ring at front legs
011021 walnut with walnut ring at front legs
011022 walnut with black ring at front legs
011026 walnut with silver ring at front legs
Square back fauteuil, with tapered front legs turned at the top, back legs curved in one dimension, straight solid wood back curved to fit the body, backrest upholstered front and back, one-dimensionally curved and rounded solid wood armrests, upholstered with a 3-layer upholstery material on no-sag springs, single-colour braid trimming.

54 cm wide * 48,5 cm deep * 94 cm high
21,3 in wide * 19,1 in deep * 37 in high

Assembled Woods

cherry light
cherry medium
cherry dark
walnut light
walnut medium
walnut dark
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