Circular dining table (extendable all-in-1) ref. 05411 (cherry high gloss)

05411 cherry with cherry profiled friezes below
05412 cherry with black profiled friezes below
05421 walnut with walnut profiled friezes below
05422 walnut with black profiled friezes below
05470 cora walnut with cora walnut profiled friezes below

Circular dining table, extendable, with curved veneered floor plate, with heavy turned supporting pillar and profiled plinth, with round glue-laminated veneered frame, with bridge construction extending mechanism fitted in the frame, extension length = 50 cm, top veneered with 2 mm veneer. This dining table can come in various sizes and other dining furniture can be supplied to client’s requests.

Available in cherrywood, walnut, and many different types of wood on request. Handmade in Austria.

125-175 cm long * 125 cm wide * 76 cm high
49,2-68,9 in long * 49,2 in wide * 29,9 in high

Assembled Woods

cherry light
cherry medium
cherry dark
walnut light
walnut medium
walnut dark
cora walnut
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